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2 hours ago, observer said:

there is Ukrainian. but it's called "Slovene" (one of them :) )


 observer, are you sure the language shown is Ukrainian when you switch to Slovene?

Since Slovene is also a newly added language in this version. And we cannot differentiate these two languages, so we want to double check with you two.

To make sure if this is the problem we assigned the wrong name to it or we just have not added Ukrainian, so please help confirm. @klu


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4 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

is it a screenshot from MX4?

Mx5.0.3.2000. options-> Browser language.

I've added "Slovene" localizations from More languages->Add language dialog.

On my home computer I have Ukrainian Windows localization. "Slovene (uk-ua)" localization was added and set by Mx automatically there.

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