Automatic domain login in Ultra mode on intranet website

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I have faced this issue with all Maxthon versions including latest MX5 v5.0.3.2000.

The issue is with the fact that when opening any corporate website on intranet which have domain authentication, Maxthon always require to login (pops up login window) when using Ultra mode. In Retro mode it automatically logs in.

Usually I don't have an issue with it, always can switch to Retro mode, however one particular website only supports Chrome and it works perfectly in Maxthon in Ultra mode with the small nuisance that every time it requires to login.

When using IE11 and Chrome 57.0.2987.133 I don't have same issue, from these browsers login is automatic. Frankly I never been asked to login from any IE or Chrome version.

Can this be looked into for MX5 ?

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