Thanks so much, Maxthon!!


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Law professionals in Spain, we have problems working on the platform of the Ministry of Justice (Lexnet) with Internet Explorer 11.
For years, I've been working with Maxthon (currently, I'm working on legal platfoms with the latest version of Maxthon 5), and recommending my colleagues to use this browser to work: 

Lexnet y Maxthon

Recently, with the latest changes in Lexnet, I've installed Maxthon v. on the computers of many colleagues, and I have taught my professional College engineers to install this version and Maxthon 5 (using retro mode for Lexnet).

Honestly, for me, Maxthon is the best browser I've ever known, because it allows me to work seamlessly on legal platforms.

And my fellow lawyers and attorneys are happy to be able to work on Lexnet with a fast and effective browser as Maxthon is

Thank you for all your efforts and good results !! :5884970a7da3a_1:

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Just want a little clarification. You say that Lexnet has problems on IE but yet you say that you are using Maxthon in retro mode. Since retro mode uses the same rendering engine as IE, you surely mean that you are using Lexnet in Ultra mode.

If the lightning bolt icon is visible in address bar, that signifies you are in Ultra mode. If the broken page icon is being displayed, you are in retro mode.

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No. I mean Maxthon in RETRO mode. Lexnet doesn't work with ultra at all.  IE 11  is very slow. And freezes every time we need to open a Lexnet drop down tab. 

With the same Trident, we haven't these kind of problems with Maxthon.

You can believe it or not ... But Maxthon works on Lexnet with retro mode where IE 11 fails. 

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