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Hi Maxers,

You may know that we are ready to launch MX5 release version for Mac recently, and many of you have been our translators for Mac project. The following languages have been finished: French, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, while others under process.

For above languages, if you are just the translators or proofreaders, please let me know by replying this thread here, or sending PM to me. Our dev team will highlight your name(or nickname, as you wish) on the About page as following:


Please feel free to contact me, and we are also waiting for more translators for this project to help MX5 Mac speak more languages.

TIP: Since usually there are many translators or proofreaders for one language, in case of any missing, please do contact me if you want you name to be listed. If you forget to tell me your required listed name, sometimes it may be neglected by mistake...

Now the following names have been considered and will be added:

Ldfa, Burak Yavuz, OisteinR, bwisely, Vadim, Fahrul Hana, azpidatziak



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On 3/10/2017 at 9:16 PM, fOrTune(r) said:

I use both, Vadim is a name, pop4tune is account name.

Hi Vadim, today the dev team told me that it's better if all translators' name or username could keep unified. Given that, I suggest you use "Vadim" only on the about page. Is that ok?

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