Last Session list is gone :(

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Hi, Yesterday I rebooted my pc and when I opened Maxton my last session list was gone. The only thing that was on the list where the last 3 tabs I had open before I closed the browser . I had about 100 things on that list that I go back to when I have the time .  How can I restore this list ? It's not in the "Earler Session " tab either . I'm using v4.9.3.1000

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Hi there, it seems that you use "earlier session" as quick access or bookmark.

Actually, the data shown here is from history data. So if you clear your browsing history, then the list here will be emptied as well.

We highly recommend you to use bookmark function or quick access to save the URLs you use every day. 

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You can see if the config.ini file still has the previous last tabs list.

Go to %appdata%\Maxthon3\UserData\Users\[your account name]\Config

Open the config.ini file and look for the [LastTabs] section.

There might still be an older listing of sites there, but it's not something that can just be copy/pasted to make work. You'll need to fix the strings to use the correct characters and then manually open each site.

So it may get you your last sites back, with no guarantee, but it might take some time to do.

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karajan no , I'm talking about the 'last session' tab. mx://last-visit/

BugSir006 I do use it sort of like that. Usually when I browse the web I open a lot of tabs, more then I can handle in one day , so when I close maxthon it records all those tabs in the last session window and when I reopened maxthon I just start where I left off . I don't bookmark them unless I'll need them again in the far future . Btw , my history is still there .

7twenty The config.ini file only has the new sites since the old list disappeared . There's a larger config.dat file in the same folder , I opened it in notebook ++ but all I see are weird characters . How do I make it display in English ? Also , inside the backup folder there's a folder called QuickAccess with files that go back as far as QA-2017-02-14-18-48-25.mxbackup. Are they related ?

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50 minutes ago, hed said:

The config.ini file only has the new sites since the old list disappeared .

Well that's unfortunate. That's the only way that i'm aware of to restore them in this situation. Would also depend on whether/how many times the browser has been opened since that occurred. I think if you checked it as soon as you noticed they're gone they may have still been there. But once closed it saves the most recent.

The config.dat isn't user readable or convertible to my knowledge.

Only option now would be to go through history and see if you can pick out some of the links you may think were on that list.

5 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

and please check here to confirm you didn't tick this option

Doubt that was the case, seeing as it seems he just closed the browser as normal expecting the last session list to keep all the links as usual.

If it wasn't cleared on the x amount of times before, there's no reason to assume all of a sudden that option would be checked.

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