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I can't really see why that is required.

If you're typing in an address or search anyway, pressing enter is easier and quicker than grabbing the mouse and clicking on a tiny button. No matter how "typing challenged" you might be, pressing enter is the easiest part of entering the address/search.

If you're dragging and dropping a new link it opens automatically. Again no need to manually force it load.

I understand what you're saying, but i can't see any reason why that button even needs to exist.

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Over the decades this old dog has grown used to Go buttons. I keep 4 browsers on my task bar for different tasks when testing our 15 web sites. I sure would like to make MX5 my default browser. From your reply I assume that there is no GO button Mod?


Go button in Firefox

FF Go button.PNG

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2 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

That only reloads the current page.

It changes to a "go" button when you type something in the address bar.

FF seems to be one of the last holdouts. I wouldn't be surprised if they also drop it in the near future. All the others (Chrome/Opera/Edge) have all dropped it. Definite relic of the past.

2 hours ago, iKerry said:

From your reply I assume that there is no GO button Mod?

Not at this stage. And while it might be trivial to add, seeing as the UI/skin is still under some construction it could break at any time.

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On 2/17/2017 at 4:46 AM, iKerry said:

for us typing challenged users

Hi iKerry, firstly thanks for your feedback and also thank you for telling us your trouble.

Does it mean that to click the "go" button by using a mouse is easier for you to press the "enter" on a keyboard? 

So are you using a Wordpad to write all these? Could you tell us more of the inconveniences when you using Maxthon Browser?

We would like to make it easier for your life, and people like you. 

Although, I partly agree with 7twenty that Maxthon may not have the plan to add the "go" button, but we still want to find a solution for you.


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