Missing vertical scroll bar in Google Sheets


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I tried creating this topic in MX4 section but it will not let me. I just have a small problem which I hope someone can help me with.

In v4.9.1.1000, Google Sheets spreadsheets do not show a vertical scroll bar on the right side, making scrolling though long spreadsheets quite cumbersome.
I tried v4.9.4.3000 but I had the same issue. There is a horizontal scroll bar, just no vertical one.
Opening the exact same sheets in other browsers shows a vertrical scroll bar.

Anyway to make that show?

PS: I tried MX5 and did not like all the new UI changes as I am very used to the way MX4 looks. I also had a Russian front page that constantly loaded for some reason. So, I hope there is a simple solution in v4.9.

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Hi Atavus, thanks for the feedback. I've tested the issue you mentioned on and confirmed. 

I'll let our MX4 testers have a look into it. But it is probably caused by the core, and core in MX4 is relatively outdated. And we currently do not have plans to upgrading core in MX4, while we are upgrading core to 55 in MX5. So technically speaking, MX5 can better surpport most websites.

That's why we want to push users to MX5, and the skin system will come out soon! So that you can some sort change the UI to the style you like. 


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