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I was on the phone with my internet provider and suddenly I was no longer connected to maxthon through my browser on mx 5 v 0.0.2000 using windows 7 pro x64.  It says "server connection failed" and asks me if I want to try again.  When I try again it still wont log in.  The first time I got an error 102 message. but I can't get the error message to show up again.  It also gives me the option to logout which I did and I closed the browser and rebooted my pc and I am still having the same problem.  What is going on here?  The browser seems to function just fine when connecting to sites, but when it tries to login it fails every time.  The people at AT&T said they didn't do anything to my account, but they were very rude and mistakenly transferred me to the cancellation department.  I just wanted them to opt me out of dns redirect.  Someone please respond if you can help.  I will try reinstalling and see if that helps.

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