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22 minutes ago, MaxthonGuy said:

(Why is that link in a thread, anyway?) 

I've asked that question countless times... never got an answer, It's just the way it is...

Maybe one day they'll actually make a proper developer site for things like this, like all the browsers have.

Their web design team put together the MX5 launch pages and revamped, but can't quickly knock up a small mini-site (1 or 2 pages) for SDK instructions and relevant downloads (or update the skins/extensions sites)!?

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24 minutes ago, MaxthonGuy said:

when many are issues that could be updated fairly easily

Preaching to the choir there buddy! :D

I've been forever harping on about exactly that... small things that can be fixed quickly and may never have to be touched till the next major update, yet they still don't change, update after update after update.

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52 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

sorry that I don't understand the issue you are talking about. 

This is what Google has for developers:
This is what Microsoft has for developers:
This is what Mozilla has for developers:
This is what Opera has for developers:

All the information related to extensions (and other stuff) is on their developer pages.

Maxthon on the other hand, requires you to go to the extension/skins sites (not an issue), but then the links Maxthon Extension SDK / Beginner Tutorials / Submission and Update Process / Approval Criteria, all lead you to the MX forum... then you have to download a compressed version of a MS word file to access the info.

We're in 2017, and this is a web browser company yet still making people do things in such a convoluted way like we're still in the 90's.

No one is asking that it's as complex or in depth as the sites above. Just bring the info to the web where it should be. All the info in the forum posts mentioned above should be on this "MX developer site", and any competent coder should be able to convert those .doc files into a website relatively easily.

That plus direct download links to the examples and the MXpacker.

This is just one example of the "many are issues that could be updated fairly easily" but not done, mentioned by MaxthonGuy. This would take someone less than a few days to come up a perfectly workable site, and would rarely be needed to be updated (given how often that info has been in the past). And even when it does it's just a matter of updating those sections that's required, the same way the .doc file would have been updated anyway.

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