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There is are serious issues with Passkeeper that makes it foolish to use or recommend. It is using old passwords to accounts even when that account is deleted from passkeeper, cookies are cleared(both immediately and when closing browser) and the entire Mx5 appdata folder is deleted from my pc. The issue appears to come from the online storage as there is no other way to explain it.

Not only is it having issues with remembering deleted passwords, it "remembers" passwords from the wrong account. And when you try to sign on to an account which has been deleted from Passkeeper it fills the password and asks to save the info??? WTF??? The password it fills is wrong and if you change it Passkeeper again saves the old password.

In this image I have logged in on the previous page, and clicked enter. Now I am being asked to save a password I haven't even entered yet and shouldn't even exist since it had been deleted from passkeeper already and the appdata folder had been deleted too.

And don't ask me to elaborate as I have already explained it as best I can. Those questions running around in your brain are the ones I'm asking about.

yahoo login.png

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