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New Tabs With HTML/JScript Code Opening When I Click In My E-mail

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I have an issue that seems to happen mostly when I check my school e-mail using MX5. I'm using Maxthon I have Cerebral Palsy so sometimes I lose control of my hands and they do what they want. Sometimes this happens and I end up clicking in various areas in my e-mail. This opens a Google tab that tries to search for what looks like either HTML or JScript. I have ABP enabled and have Block Pop-Ups enabled. How do I keep this from happening? Sometimes I end up with multiple tabs while trying to get through all of my e-mail. It's quite frustrating. My school uses Outlook 365 (not sure if there is a version number for this or not). I also have Google set as my search provider (not CSE). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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