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I'm having trouble with Maxnote and am looking for guidance.

When I create a snapshot of part of a web page on the PC, it saves fine into Maxnote. I also can access fine.

However, after syncing, I can't see any of the photos, etc. on the Android.

Is there a setting I need to adjust or something I'm missing?

I'm using:

Maxthon version 5.02.1000

Android version 5.04.3017


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Please check that you have sync enabled under settings > Privacy

You should check that it is enabled in android version too(Settings > More settings > Maxnote[enable autosync>always or wifi only]). Also update to latest android version, I'm using Mx version testers version)



Just saved this on my android and it's showing on pc


And from pc to android

MaxthonSnap20170119042316 pc2android.png

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