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Hi. My machine has quite little RAM, so for me, every MB counts. Because of that, i really miss the option to close MX5 without minimizing it to System Tray, like it that was in MX4. More that that, i've found a very annoying "habit" of MX5 to never _actually_ close it's windows (and stopping their processes) - instead, when i click the red [X] button in the upper right corner of MX5 window, it just minimizes the window in System Tray, and a copy of Maxthon.exe that belongs to that window continues to hang around in the Task Manager, consuming the RAM, so i have to search for MX5 "Agent" icon in the System Tray, right click it and select "quit" from the dropdown menu, or go to Task Manager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc, search for Maxthon.exe and kill it manually. More than that - if i open several MX5 windows at the same time (intentionally, or by misclicking the TaskBar icon more times that reqired) i can't _really_ close only those windows i want, keeping the windows i still need - i just have to exit MX5 via SysTray Agent dropdown menu, or "play Russian Roulette" and guess which Maxthon.exe process in the Task Manager is for the window i actually want to get rid of. So, i really want to have the checkbox in the Options to never minimize Maxthon in System Tray, or any means of _actual_ closing the chosen MX5 window (and killing it's process in Task Manager) by means of teh browser - either it will be a popup dialogue on [X] (1 - Minimize the current Window to SystemTray, 2 - Colose the window and kill it's Process, 3 - Cancel) or a similiar dropdown menu on [X] in the upper left corner, or a separate bitton to minimize to System Tray, near the normal Minimize button (so [X] would just notmally close the window and kill it's Process as it should) or some options in the Dropdown/Popup menus of the System Tray or TaskBar icon, or at least a built in into MX5 Task Manager, like it is in Google Chrome - to see and kill the Processes of unwanted MX5 windows and/or Tabs) - or just actual Tab Titles in the "Description" field in the Windows Task Manager, like "Create New Topic - Maxthon Community", "", "YOTA ststus", "Google - Search Results" and so on, as i see them on the Tabs right now, next to Maxthon.exe processes (so i could tell which Maxthon.exe process in it is for what function/extension/window/tab in MX5 to kill only those i want to, without occasionally killing the process of the window i still need).

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