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Introduction and Questions. Hey Everyone!


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:devil:I'm Not really new to the forums I just dont ever post. For the Most part I am able to either work out the few small issues i have run across using Maxthon earlier versions, or I can find the Fix to the issue somewhere in the community.  So I have not made many posts, I also had to make another forum account a while ago because I lost my thumbdrive where I kept all my Important Passwords and other things, Like Bitcoin wallet address etc etc. I just recently found it and am now back using my original Forum account I made in late 2012 /2013.

      I have been using Maxthon since 2012 and I LOVE THIS BROWSER! I have it on My Alienware Laptop, My HP EliteBook,Dell desktop, Smartphone, And Tablet. All my friends an family even use it now after seeing it on my computers or phone. I have yet to try Mx5 yet, I am waiting on My Macbook air to arrive next week and I plan on trying Mx5 out when setting that system up.

  I was using the 4.4.x Version for a while it seemd to work good for me but I started noticing on my Desktop When I would go to Hotmail.com It would freeze up bout 45secs and it also was not letting me scroll up and down on the far left column where you can add Folders made for certain mail Subjects. I Have always Manually Updated the Adobe Flash so I knew it was up to date and I Decided to just Update to thE V4.9.4.2000 and it solved the issue right away.  


Well Since I have switched to V4.9.4.2000 I was about to go ahead and update the adobe Flash since its different than for the 4.4,  I have always just done it Manually but I thought I would give the MX FLASH TOOL and Auto updater program a try today, But everytime I click on either one it takes me to a Page telling me I cant view that content . Not sure why??  Only thing I can think of is because maybe I have not Made enough Posts under this account ? If anyone can help me figure it out please do.  


Like I said I am a HUGE FAN and supporter of Maxthon & Maxthon Nitro. When Mx5 was still being worked on I signed up to get a early version and was giving a VIP level 2 at the time, Later On FB I was upgraded to Level 3 for sharing certain Maxthon Posts on my timeline and several friends.. I dont really sign into my Passport that much though. I never really got a clear answer on what the VIP Level 3 Status really did as far as benefits, I mainly Just enjoy Using the Browser  and I love the Tiles (I guess would be the correct term) On the home page where you can add your Fav sites. I have had to re enter them a few times though for no reason, I have exited out of Maxthon then when getting back on later they for some reason all returned to the default ssites that are loaded when you 1st install Maxthon.  Good thing is Though It saves my passwords and USER ID on all my main sites, so all I have to do is add them back. 


Sorry for the Long Post. Just thought I let the community know how long and how much I love Maxthon.  As well as ask the Admins &Mods about the Issue's I have run across mention above.


So again

1. Why can I not use the auto -updater tool for the adobe flash in product support? I dont mind doing it manually I just would like to try the program.

2. What exactly are the benefits of being a VIP level 3? 

3. Why does every once in a while On the Maxthon Homepage browser where you can add your favorite sites you use, Why does it sometime reset to default and removing the sites I added?

4.Lastly If I update to MX5 Will I loose all my Passwords that are saved to sites? aND Have to re enter them all over again and loose all my fav sites etc from using mx4.9?


Thnks hope to hear from someone soon. 


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Hi Dburna86, thanks for the long post, and thanks for the long term support to Maxthon.

Let's celebrate your FIRST post here! Hope to see more of your posts in future, we also believe that your knowledge on Maxthon can help a lot in the forum. 


Actually, this "post requirement" is part of our new register approval system. Before, our mod Larry has to check each register's IP and email manually to exclude some possible spammers, thus to help protect our forum in an organized and clean environment. While it is a time consuming and tedious work. So we come up this solution to liberate him, and in the same time, hope to make people know each other better when they join this forum.  

Sorry that it didn't occur to me that this method will also force those members like you, registered long ago with no post history, to re-open some access by posting here.

Nevertheless, we are so happy you are the first one here to intro yourself and express your love for us.

If it's not for the new system, I'm afraid we'll never have the chance to know each other, and you'll still stay as one of those hundreds of invisible members here.

So, nice to meet you and enjoy the journey!


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