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2 hours ago, LXR71 said:


While I'm here...
The QuickAccess image with the purple ocean remains blank.
Is that on my end and if so, what can I do about it? (I only use 'guest' account)
Perhaps that needs a separate thread....

Thanks again for the fix!

That image doesn't work for me either

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Yep, That's the image I was referring to. 

Not a big issue, but I guess it fails to come up for others too.

Surely though, it doesn't affect everybody, or you wouldn't have asked which image.

Might be tricky.
But I'm sure you know my location... and that might help. ;-)

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4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Yes, for now, we have you two reported this issue, we will have our developers have a check about what's going on there.

So just this one image is blank and others all work fine? May I also ask how long does this situation persist by now?

For me it is the only image that does not work(the one highlighted in the image), all others are fine. This only started happening this release, I know because it was the only background I used! 

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For me too, this is the only one that doesn't work.
It's been happening for a while, actually. At least a week, I'd say.

Not related to any updates/upgrades as far as I remember.

It may have had to do with opening a new (private) session. That's when I first see then image not show.
I though this might be a feature, related to the privacy thing, since the images do come from Maxthon servers.
After that though, it stopped showing up in all QA screens.

Also, when I rename the Userdata folder, start with defaults, the issue still occurs. 
It's hard to fix a problem you can't reproduce yourself, so let us know if we can help with more info or something.



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I don't get any red lettering. The issue occurs every time I try it: Select the image from the settings-wheel and watch QA go white.

Even ctrl-F5 on QA doesn't trigger any error state. Though it does show QA reloading.

The console showed a cache url. When I go to that URL, I see the listing in the screenshot, and an error there as well.
Perhaps Private Session causes a blank image to be cached under the name of the true image?
Mx finds the blank image everytime, so no error condition occurs... ?
One particular caching server with an issue?

I just noticed: In the screenshot, that the page from the cache server url opens in the QA tab and it stays there.
If I go to QA now, it will still show me this page.


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  • 2 weeks later...

So I tried to get some more info from the F12 console on Quick Access (QA). Below are the screenshots from the "Elements" tab and the "Network" tab.

Elements tab:

Network tab:consolesnetwork.jpg

As we can see, judging from the console info, it is this address that is supposed to be the purple sea image (night.jpg), :

This address yields nothing, However, going to this address minus the "webp", DOES produce the image.
The same results when using Internet Explorer to go to these addresses.

Furthermore, both addresses for another image (balloon.jpg, with and without "webp") do produce an image:

I hope this info is useful. It might narrow down the search for this elusive image,
...which really is becoming a more attractive image, every day I can not use it in my QA :-)

If you'd like output from another console tab, please let us know the type of info you'd need.

Good weekend,

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