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Why can't Maxthon make the language selection in options link to a file that automatically downloads to the browser?

1/ it's way too clicky - Settings > More languages > Add language > Select Language... and you only get the options of what is installed with the installer/portable zip file, with no option to source other languages.

2/ If that isn't an option, why can't all the languages be added to the portable version? All up the current set of language files is ~2.5mb, and <1mb compressed. It's not going to make a difference to file size.

3/ Why isn't English UK included in the package? (which is the whole reason i started this thread)

I was even looking at making an extension that would link to the language files.. but realised that it's a waste of my time, 1/ because extensions seem to take forever to get authorised and loaded on the extension site, and 2/ I don't have access to all the files required given the way crowdin links to files, and the need to compile the source files.

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5 hours ago, Galileusz said:

English UK is not finished yet - 97%. But as you want that you can try this version: MX5 en-GB 97%.rar

Well considering that it's essentially 95% the same as the source file that shouldn't make a difference. In fact previously they used to included them even if they were nowhere near finished. Since when did it become protocol that only 100% complete translations would be included?

IMO the en-UK version is actually a better language file than the source US one, seeing as i've fixed up a huge number of grammar and spelling errors. Most of these are still present in the source file!

Thanks for the link, but I have my own. Just that i'd rather not have to deal with the headache of compiling it at each release when it should be included with the download packages. Moreso that I only use it to test with seeing as MX5 still isn't my daily browser.

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Hi 7twenty, 

Thanks for the suggestion of putting language option in a more convenient place, and adding language file in portable versions! I'll forward them to my colleague.

As for the US language file, @BugMiss006 will help to take care of this issue.

Hi @Chantao , German is still under translation, and it has finished 70% .

So, we may have to wait a while for it's been finished.

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