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Hi everybody!


Christmas is approaching, and it's really nice to tell you that we created a new sub-board here: to share the tips we found out when using Maxthon browser. 

And now, we would like to invite all of you to SHARE YOUR TIPS there, too!

The tips are not limited to tips on MX5 PC alone. Tips about PC, Mac, Android, iOS versions for MX5 and MX4  are all welcome!

And please highlight in TITLE the tips are for which version

1, PC, Mac, Android or iOS

2, MX5, MX4 or earlier

3, mainly about which part: browser frame, add-ons, quick access, inbuilt features, etc. 


There are four examples there already. We also hope you can apply pictures, Gifs, or videos when sharing us your tips!

That would be more explicit and easy to understand :1f60a:


Please feel free to post under this thread if you think there is anything more should be added here :1f61a:

So, let's see who will be the first to generate his/her original content!! Come on, Maxers!

Link again: 


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1. Disable popup blocker. It may be reason of reset of your settings from time to time. This is true for old versions, I'm not sure about MX5.
2. Update build-in Flash. Just remove if (from old versions) or copy from other Chromium-based browsers (for MX 4.9 and MX5).
3. If you can not log in via sidebar window when you instilled new extension, it does not mean that this is broken or fishing extensions. Just close and restart browser. It happens very often if you use two windows (sessions or secret) in old versions. I think it's fixed in MX5.
4. If you have problems with website, try to use Retro or disable ABP. You can update UserAgent too, but it will help of your version is really support with website.
5. You you can not find the extension, just use ViolentMonkey and scripts. 
6. Disable Search addon. It's useless, but you can not just delete it.
7. If you need something of have question, try to ask some one. Community is the best what Maxthon have.

P.S. Mathoners is better. At least Russian.

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