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Deleting history takes a lot of time


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When I have a history of some pages,lets say for a day,I click on everything on clear history menu and close maxthon.I  is closed but if you look at task manager,it is still working and running at high memory and cpu.After a couple of minutes it is closed.Maxthon 4.2 versions had no issuses but after 4.9 and 5 I observe this issue.

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it's very kind of you to point out this. Interesting study of those version and report.

maxthon 4.0 to 4.4 was a continuum; 4.9 was a laboratory for Mx5 and Mx5 is indev

I check this on my computer a i7 4 cores, with 16 Go RAM 

i tried with mx4.9 regular MX5 portable and comodo dragon and opera

first i've launched the task manager and watch out

the process ended in every case without delay

Let's have survey

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