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Hello everybody! I beg your pardon for my english.

I had a problem with the QuickAccess (QA). When I turned on my laptop after a month of inactivity and launched Maxton 5, for whatever reason, from the online store does not download the current version of the QA. Instead, the local version of the old QA was retained in the online store. Naturally, this led to the automatic synchronization of the QA on all my computers. I want to return to-date version of the QA. I found a backup in AppData folder of Maxthon 5 (QA-2016-11-24-18-49-48.mxbackup) and tried to replace renaming as QaConfig.dat. 

When I re-launch the MX5, I see in moment needed version of the QA, but again there is a synchronization with the online store and the MX5 loads the old version of the QA from which I want to get rid of.

Actually the question: How to use the backup copy of the QuickAccess? How to make the MX5 did not replace the QA that the user wants to restore from a local backup? Maybe there is a way to replace data in the online storage? The administration can do this? Please help me. Customize the QA again for a long time and have no desire to.


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Like you, SergiUX, I had my QuickAccess tailored to my work habits and it displayed correctly last night. This morning QA reset itself back to its original layout and I can find no way to restore it. This is the 2nd time I have encountered this and it is tedious to set it all back up again.

I followed your suggestion, restoring from the .mxbackup file, and even disconnected from the internet, making changes to the QA (hoping to give it a more current version status), but when I reconnected to the internet Mx5 downloads the old (default) layout.:huh:

If I cannot rely on QuickAccess to retain its settings, then it is worse than useless.

Any insight from the support team?

Thank you.


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TThe Hi @SergiUX and @John Paulson, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks, @7twenty

As far as I understand from the words, you two ran into different problems.

SergiUX's QA always return to a certain previous one, and the sites were still added by yourself. While the new changes you made cannot stay due to the synchronization.

While in John's case, the QA always turns back to the default one?

The same issue here is that the backup file is not usable because of the auto-sync?

Please help me to confirm if my understanding is correct? So that I can explain this issue to our testers. Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @BugSir006.

In my case, the QA had reverted to its default setting, the same display one would have when they install MX5 for the first time. Once that happened it was uploaded to the online store then downloaded on my other computer since it was now, for whatever reason, the most current version. 

I can, and have, taken the steps to recreate the QA. My concern is that, should QA revert to its original layout for what would be the third time, is there a way to backup and restore the QA so that I can avoid the painful, laborious steps of recreating it.

While you see my and @SergiUX's issues as being different, I see them as being a slight variation of the same problem. At some point @SergiUX's QA reverted to a previous state then uploaded to the store which then updated all of his other computers. Exactly like what happened to me except his updated to a previous incarnation of his QA, while mine reverted to the default QA. Once that happened neither of us were able to restore the QA we had worked so diligently to create, so we had to recreate it manually.

It's Friday night, I've had a cider (or 2?), so I hope that makes sense.

Thank you for working on this!


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And, it just happened again. Having set up the QA for a 3rd time.:wacko:  I started my desktop computer after a Windows 10 update and my QA was blank.  The updated QA still showed on my laptop so I attempted to update a tile to make it the most current, but the laptop QA immediately reverted back to the original display.  What's most frustrating is knowing that my work sits there in the mxbackup, but that I cannot restore it.

I'm surprised this isn't happening to more users. Are folks just not using the QA?

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@John Paulson 

sorry guy i never had this issue. i'm using MX5 on 3 computers. On my own just portable versions.

Each time i try a new portable version i copy the old user data in the new verse appropriate folder and all works

i got win 10 pro on my PC and current familial on other at work on a laptop, and even installed MX5 on an old computer with XP

So i'm not able to answer if it's related to online storage, if you got multiple accounts or whatever.

I just wonder if the MX team is asking you the right way

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