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21 hours ago, caligula73 said:


Hi caligula73, is it possible that you can provide an English version of this error message?

I also recommend you post this on the Russian board:


People there may offer some help as well.


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12 hours ago, caligula73 said:

! on installed - no.

Does this happen when signed in? If so, sign out and test with guest mode and see what happens.

If it works in guest mode then it's your userdata/settings on your account causing the issue.

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not too open. that the same error.
the bug is present on the computer where it is established cryptographic software http://www.avest.by/crypto/csp.htm (this is not related to the profile mx5)
any other browsers, these links open up - on this computer.
... I hope that in the future, too, will be able to mx5

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This old issue was not a bug; chrome one day stated that some oldfashion cryptographic algo was not reliable and disabled connection

Browsers not based on chrome got their own rules; A way would be to locate the certificate on your computer and delete it or ask someone to do.

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