MX5 Android-release2 V 5.0.3

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Maxthon Browser releases a MX5 Android version today!

Their changelogs and download links are here: 



Thanks for everyone's feedback and support for MX4, and MX5 alpha, beta, and official versions;

we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements.


Now, we release the MX5 Android version  (V 5.0.3) !

Welcome to give us feedback still in "MX5 Version Discussion" area.

Here is the "MX5 Version Discussion" area link:

Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues.


Let's make Maxthon browser better together!

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And again - unusable version on landscape mode...

Who browsing in portrait mode? Most of people used landscape and MX5 is unusable in this mode! No menus, no buttons for navigation, no address bar, nothing! Only fullscreen website?!

I'm disappointed! More than three months write about it and nobody pays attention.

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Think about adding 3-rd option in long-tap middle menu with double-function button - reload/stop as it is used in PC browsers. For now there's no stop button at all, and reload is launched from main menu - 2 clicks. With this button you can do this with 1 swype faster.


Or even like this:


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7 hours ago, martinstz said:

Bigsir006, this is Landscape mode! This is what most of people used when browsing with phones or tablets.

Ha, thanks for the explanation and the drawings, I understand now!

What are the brand and models of your phones? It seems to be a mobile function when you open "rotate off", here are the screenshots from my testing device.



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19 hours ago, Kreator-2 said:

Where are menu and address bar in full screen mode? It doesn't appear.

Hi Kreator-2, 

Thanks for the reply.

This truly is a problem. the three menus disappear when the phone rotates.

But I don't see how it affects with full-screen mode?

I will tell the product manager about the menus missing problem. For now, users can put it back in vertical to operate. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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On 25.11.2016 at 5:55 AM, BugSir006 said:

But I don't see how it affects with full-screen mode?

Hi. It doesn't affect reading the current page in fullscreen mode, but it affects browsing itself - you just can't do anything but scrolling, zooming and tapping links.

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4 hours ago, Kreator-2 said:

Hi there.

Try (you have to follow single button register with Log in button). In MX5 mobile the page doesn't work. It also didn't work on MX4 mobile. Chrome mobile works OK.

The page seems to work fine with mobile. This image is what happened when I logged in.  You might check with a different UA mode(I'm using desktop view).



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Hi. Thank you for replies.

I have tried all UA Modes, but I see same picture all the time:


I can press the button on the left top corner, but nothing happens.

On 07.12.2016 at 10:22 AM, BugSir006 said:

But what does this

you have to follow single button register with Log in button


This means you have to Log in with some e-mail to see the web-interface, not just open that link.

I will try to check it on other Android phone, maybe only on mine it refuses to work :) But chrome works correct.

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To the Maxthon Android developers:

  1. Why do you keep targeting the app to low Android versions? Currently we see all possible permissions the app might use, instead of granting it by demand.
  2. Why the non-standard settings, which looks like IOS ? 
  3. Why put downloaded files into a customized MX folder by default, instead of the official downloads folder?
  4. Why do you create a folder "MxBrowser" on the external storage, which won't ever be removed automatically upon removal of Maxthon ? What is in this folder? Why not use the official path for the web browser, which will be removed upon removal of the app ? Does it create other folders on other random paths? Do those folders contain any sensitive data? Please avoid creating junk folders. All sensitive stuff should be in the protected, private folder of Maxthon. All the rest should be in the official path of the app. There should never be files of Maxthon itself that won't be removed upon removal of the app.
  5. Why can't I show the address bar in landscape mode? If you wish to save space, do like on Chrome : auto-hide/show it depending on scrolling.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi AndroidDeveloperLB, thanks for your detailed feedback, we are so moved! 

I also have some questions concerning your feedback, 

  1. why do you say MX5 targets low android versions? Is there any problem when MX5 used in a higher android version? And could you tell me what are the specific problems? For the permission issue, we've also noticed that it's a little bit annoying, so we released a special MX4 android version with fewer permissions, you may download it from GooglePlay now. As for MX5 special version, we're still collecting users' voice, when there are a big amount a users asking, then we'll release a MX5 android version with less permissions.
  2. which is non-standard setting? how can I set to non-standard? Would you like to give me a screenshot of it?
  3. I'll forward this question to our android developers, and wait to see what's their answer.
  4. same as question 3.
  5. Good suggestion! I've read a lot of feedback saying this issue, no address bar in landscape mode. and your auto hide suggestion is so brilliant! Thank you!

Happy Holiday!




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