Some problem with "Favorites" in Main page

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Hello, guys!

Could you please help me, becouse I can't edit my "favorit screenshot pages" in main page.

Today I was install maxthon 5 to my wife to her laptop, and I was surprised - her MX5 Main page working correctly!

Here I'm attach 2 screenshots from my PC and her laptop, anyone have some idea what's wrong with my MX5 in PC?

Need to say, that I'm already re-install MX5 and clear registry, not helpful.

Please H.E.L.P.!!!




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Sorry for my English, i'm Russian.

Yes, you are right

1. In wife laptop - as guest and it's working fine

2. In my PC - as this account and it's have a trouble.


Now i'm try to login as guest in PC - Yes!!! It's working FINE!

 Now I know problem only in my account, what I can do to repair it?



have you retrieved favorite from an od instal from maxthon4?  - Yes I have import my favorites from Mx4.

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8 minutes ago, karajan said:

go to programme > maxthon > user data> users > favorite and move favbckup folder et favorite.dat to your desk 

and check

I don't have this route, maybe you mean:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\_AppData\Maxthon\Public\Favorite\Favorite.dat ???


Oh..I found this:





I try do this, not help becouse when I start Mx5 - this folders re-create again. ( favbckup & favorite.dat)

And problem not solve

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I found the problem!

It is located at: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\retj\QuickAccess

If I delete this file - ALL it's OK!.............but, when I start Mx5 - this's OK only in 2-3-4-5 seconds, after when there is a synchronization with server,  QuickAccess again break!!! 

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4 minutes ago, Galileusz said:

Here you have a backup yet  C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\retj\backup\QuickAccess  You also remove it.

I understand this, already do it, not help

And already Delete ALL DATA OF Mx5, clean \\TEMP  and clean all personal Mx data.

Install Mx5 now as new, not help - becouse problem will come when  synchronization  with my account start with server.

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it's helfull, yes! but "plus" to add new favorit quickaccess not create.

it's only add "favorites" quickaccess from Guest, that's all.





heh, it's can be closed,

I repair that...ha-ha-ha...I'm delete all favorit data - and "plus" create in fist when i create fist favorite, they move to second....etc.


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