Maxthon 5 Security discussion.

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After Exatel's report and that bug from 2007 I can not trust Maxthon. Maybe it really was a bug, maybe not. Maybe MX fixed it, but maybe they just hid it. Anyway this is the reason for doubts. But I deleted all my data well before the scandal. They really have to pay more attention to own repupation.

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this is not the right place to talk about security. you had to do in depht searchs to learn what is all about.

what you can do, how you can do, what not to do.

it's a new way of life; what can be stoled, what is useful; who can gather informations.

maybe the data stored in the cloud are secured, but are you sure nobody can find important stuff just on your computer, on your phone.

Phishing give more results than pure hacking for common robbery. 

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