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How does Infobox work?


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1 hour ago, dagoz said:

How does Infobox work as a favourites manager?

You find the site you want to add. Click the bee icon in the address bar (or CTRL-D, from the context menu), select the "bookmark" option from the popup, and click "add".

If you want to edit a link, go into Maxnote and find the link you're after. You can edit the URL in the right pane if required.

At the end of the day it's nothing more than a list of sites. Not sure what is so confusing about that? What exactly are you having a problem with?

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3 hours ago, dagoz said:

Can you add your favourites to folders in a bookmark bar the way you can in most other browsers, including Maxthon 4 (shown below)?

If this was the issue you complained about in every thread, you would have found the answer long ago had you just explained what exactly what you were after. Interestingly it's the same as MX4 and the means to enable/disable hasn't changed. And it actually shows by default on a new install. So it's odd that you didn't see it before now?

Really helps if users are actually clear in what the problem is if help is required for an issue. "I don't like it", or "it doesn't work for me" isn't going to help anyone give a reasonable answer.

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