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Is it possible to migrate/copy all passwords saved with the Guest account to a logged-in user? Of course i already tried to simply copy the MagicFill.dat file but it did not work... Maybe a new feature for this should be implemented in some way (data privacy could be protected by deleting the data in Guest account after migration, so that they are not available to anyone else)

Also, i would like to retrieve all the website aliases saved in MX4 and migrate them to MX5: how can this be done, since it's not included in the process of upgrade from MX4? Where are the aliases stored? Also for this, a copy/migration from Guest account to logged-in user would be great.

Thanks in advance for any support.

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While logged in to the desired users account, use the import option. Menu > Tools > Import user data.

Choose "Local data of Maxthon 4.x/3.x". If that doesn't work choose the other MX4 option and see what happens.

All your data should import including magicfill (which will show up in passkeeper), and URL aliases.

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