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Most things in Maxthon 4 are better than Maxthon 5. Maxthon 5's three main features, Passkeeper, UUMail and Infodump are awful. The main reaspn I don't like Maxthon 5 is Infobox, I cannot work out how to save weblinks using it and can't be bothered, what an annoying waste of time Maxthon 5 is. Waste of time.

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3 hours ago, dagoz said:

The main reaspn I don't like Maxthon 5 is Infobox, I cannot work out how to save weblinks using it and can't be bothered

CTRL-D as has always been available.
Right click context menu "Add to Maxnote/Infobox" (depending on what version you're using).
Or the little bee icon (or whatever it is) in the address bar.

Make sure "bookmark" is selected in the popup.

You can't tell me that anyone who has installed MX hasn't clicked the bee icon at least once to see what it does...

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Split this discussion from the original thread as it wasn't related.

2 hours ago, dagoz said:

but Infobox is unfathomable

I also don't agree with what infobox wants to be, but unfathomable, really?

It's still just a collection of links, but can be more if you want to use it like that. The biggest problem for me at least, is that for someone who just wants somewhere to save their links, it seems too big and complicated. But when you look at it closely, it's nothing more than a glorified favourites list.

I think a lot of the issue is the perception that it's not that, because people are used to just having their favourites in the dropdown menu (which is still there) or sidebar favourites.

What would help is if users like yourself would actually offer some constructive criticism rather than useless posts like "Infobox is unfathomable/awful". That doesn't help anyone figure out how to make it better, or what is wrong that you find it "unfathomable".

I started this thread a while back to offer some input into what I think would make it better. Some suggestions seem to have been implemented (whether they took inspiration from that thread, or it was in the pipleline all along i have no idea). But it still needs work, especially with navigation. Doubleclicking on folders, opening links via the rightclick or the right pane is just stupid!

And for the record, i'm also still using mx4.9 as I can't stand infobox/maxnote as well. Not because it's bad, just that the means of opening links is way too convoluted.

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I would have to disagree with you. I believe Maxthon 5 is a significantly better for productivity work. Maxnote (I preferred the Infobox name) is excellent for storing information for future usage, as well as creating new documents; whether it be personal or public usage. I especially like that I can access multiple files, documents and more all in one place without having a mess of tabs turned on - I can just go to Maxnote and have them all available and organized.

I can also go to Maxnote and back to whichever webpage I was typing in, without it resetting my type request or resetting my cursor. Just right now, I was able to go to Maxnote and then back here to continue typing, without clicking anything extra here.

UU Mail is also very convenient, as I can register for multiple websites with the same e-mail; including the same website multiple times, without the website realizing. This is very nice when I need to do several different things on the site at the same time, or if I need to test features without worrying about it messing up my primary account.

Passkeeper's setup is very lovely too. The fact that it requires you to re-login after you leave it, even if Maxthon is still on, adds in an extra degree of security for leaving Maxthon enabled.

Overall, I believe Maxthon 5 to be an extremely useful browser for productive work; much better than Maxthon 4 at that.


 ★ ★  ★  ★ ★ ★  ★  ★ ★  Scorpiany  ★ ★  ★ ★  ★ ★  ★ ★  ★ 

(Image by Penny-Dragon)

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Hi @Scorpiany, thanks for posting what you think. We are really glad that you like Maxthon's new product. 

We are always trying to make a browser which may ease your life and your browsing experience. We would like to provide you an information assistant rather than a simple browser.

So please improve MX5 with us, and give us feedback whenever you have any thoughts in mind. 

Wish you a wonderful day.


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