How to speak "MX5, the next-generation browser" in different languages?


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Hi everybody,

Now we are in preparation for some advertising stuff in different languages. Since it's very short, we didn't put it on Crowdin.

The English version stuff is "MX5, the next-generation browser", could you translate to your own language?

Currently, Norwegian, Vietnamese, French, Russian are top urgent. Friends speaking related languages please don't shy and let me hear your voice.

Cheers! :1f603:



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On 08.11.2016 at 0:36 PM, SAver said:

in Russian: "MX5 - браузер следующего поколения"

"MX5, браузер нового поколения" is better ("new", not "next")

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3 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

Shall we have a Russian user group? hahaaaa

If you talk about official only. All MX groups now are useless.
And most of Russians use VK only. This is specific network: page creator has all right. So if someone create page for MX, he will be owner, not you. 

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