MX5 official release is coming out this week!

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Hello, everybody!


Official MX5 will be released within this week!

Thank you all for the long time support, interest and attention!

During these months, we've received lots of feedback and suggestions from you.

Your voices are very valuable for us to build a better product. Thanks again.

We've tried our best and would like MX5 be your information assistant,be a smart friend accompanying you every day.

MX5 contains a lot of easy-to-use functions. We believe you will love one or more of the functions once you start to use it. 

Your love is always what we are pursuing.



Maxthon Team

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MX5 beta i do try, happen to be faster than average, and sure much more than 4.9xxx.

i said the new UI is refreshing, looks great; meanwhile there are not enough tools in my opinion;

sympathetic but not the ultimate browsing thing and i will use it as usual, along with my others browsers

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