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Downloading Facebook Videos?


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Hi again, still trying out Maxthon as a possible replacement for Slimjet.
Slimjet has a built-in video downloader which easily downloads videos from YouTube and Facebook.
I don't seem to be able to download Facebook videos with Maxthon.
If I hover on the video the menu appears at the top right but "Download" is always greyed out and can't be selected.
If I use the Resource Sniffer, I get a list of videos on Facebook pages, but they are all really small files and won't work.
Any ideas anyone, is this not possible in Maxthon without using extensions?

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Hi Dave-H,

Thanks for your feedback. I've tried on my facebook (my browser version is, here's how the picture shows:

fb download.png

This video is cut into several small clips probably because it is stream media. 

Could you tell me which version are you using?


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