Maxthon and Windows XP


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Hi, new to Maxthon and to the forum. Very impressed with the browser!

I'm still on Windows XP SP3 and was pleased to find that even the latest version of MX5 still supports it, where most other browsers have abandoned it.

I notice however that even the very latest beta version of MX5 is still based on Chromium 47, which is now way out of date, and as Chromium dropped Windows XP support with Chromium 50, does this mean that eventually Maxthon will update beyond Chromium 49 and have to drop XP support like all other Chromium-based browsers?

Slimjet managed to get Slimjet 10 working on XP with Chromium 50, but then abandoned going any further because it became too difficult to modify the Chromium code to still run on XP.

Will Maxthon be the same, as if so I'm not sure there's any point in staying with it as I will only be able to use it for possibly a short time?

Thanks, Dave.


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