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some remarks about MX5 compared to MX4:

- the quick access is slow

-  multi page like MX4 multi page is a lot better.

- url preview icon loading is slow.

- I miss the option to set more than 5 pages per line ! (widescreen)


+ I hate the new Favorites button


-the most favorites, how can i open them in 1 click. like in MX4.

-it loads very slow (because of login ?!)

-please remove UUMAIL ....or add GMAIL ;-)


-where is the option to hide the left sidebar ?

-also when MX5 crashes, it doesnt ask me to reload the open pages on restart.

for the rest it's almost as good as MX54 ! keep up the good work.

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6 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Thx dear, it's ok now.

all fine but :

is there anyway to change the color of the background inside the tiles (minimzed and maximized) ? and to remove the empty tiles ?

and it would be fine if I could  choose my own background..





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