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The problem is with the new "new tab" system for me. I've set it to open new tabs to the right, now if it's a new window (no open tabs) it opens the last bookmark like in MX4, now in that one, the new tab stays open and it keeps opening the bookmarks in reverse order to the right of it resulting them opening in the correct order. Getting to MX5 the new tab feature is more like some extra function, not an actual tab, so it's always on the right (please remove this, it screws up everything, including stuff like this and opening new tabs), and when you open all records, it does the same thing, opening the tabs in the reverse order, yet moving the active "tab" to the end, so the end result obviously is all tabs opened in reverse.

So how I see it, it's a simple oversight, with new and shiny function. (Yes, I'm really averse to this new "feature" and I just installed it)

Using Version: on Win10 64-bit

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On 10. 10. 2016 at 7:18 PM, No.1MaxthonFan said:

Cannot confirm.  All mine open in the correct order.  Which version of Maxthon are you using?  I'm on on Windows 10 Build 14942 64-bit.

I have the same. Will play with options as WillTell suggest. Thanks

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@Honza K. Hi, dear. I also tried on my PC. The situation is truly different depending on whether there is a tab open or not. 

When there is only the new tab, then they will open in reversion order. When there are other tabs open, then the sequence is right. 

I'll definitely forward your feedback to our product manager to see what's their advice. 

Thanks for your feedback. :1f60b:

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