MX5 PC and Android Beta4 versions release


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Maxthon Browser releases MX5 PC and Android Beta4 versions today!

Their changelogs and download links are here:


Thanks for everyone's feedback and support for MX5 beta4,

we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements in it.


Now, we release the new version MX5 Beta3 (V, V 5.1.6000) !

Welcome to give us feedback in "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area.

Here is the "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area link:

Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues.


Let's make MX5 better together!

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How do you get the new version for Android? I haven't been able to make any. I know I'm missing something, though.

I download the .apk file. Then, when I try to open it on my phone it says there is no applications for it.

Thanks for any help. And, I'm using version 5.1.1000 and would like to update.

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A long awaited release but disappointing. Bookmarks can be organized but still no export option. Quick Access is Maxthon's trademark. There is no change except the color box. From the past 5-6 years I have created almost 100 shortcuts as QA. Changing each one by one will take a very long time. After all the changes If I dont feel it good then I have to do the same steps again to bring it back to the previous look. Please give the bookmarks export and I will use Maxthon 4.

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