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password not syncing, and want tomerge two mx accounts


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password not syncing in my mx5, it showing sucessfully synced, nut not showing any passwords/Bookmarks to infobox :( (it showing sucessfully synced :( )

also i want to merge two maxthon accounts, if it is possible guide me, 

if not posible please tell me how to close a maxthon account , and change currently using email to newone without loosing any data from my acco8unt

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Hi Jijin, thanks for posting. 

1, for the sync problem, please try again in these steps


If it still doesn't work, please PM me your account and User ID, I'll let our developers check your account.

2, We currently do not support account merging function. And in consideration for user data safety, we cannot delete any account either. Really sorry for the inconvinience. But you may export data in local, and then import it to the account you want to use in future. 


Wish you a nice day. It's autumn now in Beijing, a beautiful season. :1f60a:


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