webrtc app needed with recent updates in Maxthon 4


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1 hour ago, papaluca said:

What i liked about Maxthon you didn't have to worry about webrtc leak but now i noticed with the updates i leak my ip and dns address any app coming out to prevent this leak?

I have written about this and let us hope, it will be fixed. 


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Hello members the reason i started to use Maxthon Browser was because at the time i wanted a browser were i could control webrtc leak or a browser that doesn't use it.I finally found the browser that doesn't have the leak i was alwas using it but when i decided to upgrade the Maxthon Browser it had the webrtc leak.I went back to the browser i was using i had a hard time finding it on this forum but i did.Maxthon 4.4.8 1000 without the webrtc leak.When i go to www.ipleak.net all is good.So if any member's are intrested here's a link.


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