[WinPC] Address bar becomes smaller sometimes


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I get this error 2nd time, so I decided to publish it. Sometimes address bar becomes smaller a bit, then more and more while I move mouse over the address bar and tabs bar or switch tabs. It becomes tiny. I found, that one tab resets its size to normal. But when I switch to another one, it starts to change size again to tiny. The tab, that resets the size, is local .mhtml file. I don't know how to reproduce, I don't make anything particular. I guess, the problem is that the local file tab has full address displayed, and any other URL tab has only domain name displayed, and there are addons icons hidden under "..." button.





Aha! I reproduced it: open local file with long path (that doesn't fit normal address bar size), you'll see this:


Then restore the window, the maximize it again. You'll see this:


And after this the bar changes it's size on other tabs:


Restore and maximize the windows, and see this:


And the address bar doesn't change size.

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3 hours ago, Kreator-2 said:


Looks like a bug being caused by additional addons, I can't reproduce as I'm not using any additional addons. Try again after disabling addons to see if the issue occurs. Uhm, maybe just use default addons( it would be difficult to see without any addons :arf::mad:)

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19 hours ago, PHYR said:

What's the difference between additional addons and quantity?

Well, all addons have quantity, despite their "defaultness". The only thing that matters is the length of the bar they occupy. In the attachment above you can see only built-in addons enabled.

Sorry for my English, if I'm not clear sometimes. It's not my native language.

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