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Couple of questions:

How do I get back to this page without restarting the browser?

Can you change it so that instead of using the first letter of the title of the link that it uses the website's icon instead?  I have 2 things that will start with J and I'm not the most attentive person so I will probably click on the wrong one.

Also, is there any way to make my start page just the infobox? That would be most convenient I think, but there should be a place in the infobox to open "last session" stuff also.

Thanks for listening guys! =)



start page.PNG

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Erm, I just opened new tab and it took me back to that page.  Duh.  But I am not as stupid as I appear to  be, I just have it set up so that I hardly ever have to press the new tab button so I never noticed.  In that case, how do I change the new tab button to open a specific website that is not my homepage?

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