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30 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi martinstz, the multi selection function will come in future. And currently you can put these websites in a folder, and then pin the folder to the shortcut bar.:1f60a:

Thank you for the answer, but i don't want to put in a folder. I'll be waiting for a good time. Now i will pin them one by one!

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You have not always to click "unpin from .." Shortcut Bar but you can simply pull the Record or the Folder with the Mouse above the Shortcut Bar and then it is unpinned.

And if export manuel into other Browser use "External Tools" like picture below  if you add you "foreign" Browser.exe (applications) at "add" like I did to quickly open another browser and copy the new link in it. New bookmarks're usually not many on the day.

External Tools is the luggage (suit case ?) :)

Yandex = used my wife, Iron = I use for testing, external tools. MX5 my everything.



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