Infobox bugs - chinese + cannot adjust space between shortcuts and All Folders

Honza K.

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As I got it, infobox tries to be an alternative to Edge + Onenote features integrated into MX.. Ok, got it. But so far, I use it or better to say, I am forced to use it as bookmarks organising tool. I have 2 main problems:

1. I cannot drag and move space between bookmark shortcuts and All folders to adjust

2. There are some chinese letters in a folder when importing data or on first MX5 start after it imported stuff.

3. Minor thing - I had a group in MX4 on my bookmark bar now behaving as normal folder. Is converting to groups planned feature in next releases? It was one very nice feature, I could simply click on bookmark bar and have all links opened at once...


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Hi Honza.K,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

May I ask which version are you using? The drag function is realized in v1200 beta version, which can be downloaded from our official website:

Since we are still in beta testing version, so please understand and be patient, your feedback  helps us improve!

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