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Dear Maxer,

We appreciate your excellent suggestion and feedback to Maxthon these years, and now we think you could also shape Maxthon products by helping Maxthon speak your languages!

Maxthon is a product widely used all over the world, and now we sincerely invite you to be our official translator!


What’s the requirement for Maxthon translators:

- Native level of understanding for target language

- Solid understanding the English language (source language)

- Reliable, responsible and resourceful


What will you gain as a Maxthon translator?

- Your name will be mentioned publicly in our official website as honorable partner of Maxthon.

- You have authorship for your language version and your name will also be shown when this language version is chose.

- You will meet many like-minded friends, or other fans of Maxthon from same country with you.

- Being a part of the language developer team can be a very rewarding experience.

- The translation work you do will help not only yourself, but also all users who speak same language with you.


How to become a Maxthon translator?

- Visit and sign up on our translation platform Crowdin (https://crowdin.com/);

- PM me your name, E-mail, country and language which you are willing to translate, and then I will send you our translation project invitation link on Crowdin within three week days.


Have you been ready to be a Maxthon translator?


For any question, please feel free to contact me.

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