A small bug on the favorites bar

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I found an error in the bookmarks bar. Namely, if the folder name has a symblol "&" this tab will not expand or can not be edited by the right mouse button. It is completely inactive.

                                                                               2016-09-07 09_44_07-.jpg

Second thing. No matter which folder (Default folder, Work, Life) I pined to Quick Access it's always display folders on the favorite bar from Bookmarks, and not from plugged folder. For example..

2016-09-07 10_20_54-.jpg  2016-09-07 10_22_08-.jpg

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I had something similar: For me it should have been called "- MX5 Q & A". At first I thought the "-" would be wrong. banana58.gif It is thus the "&"

Yes, the test proved it: Terms with "&" can not be opened from the Shortcutbar. Even "right click" edit not working. But only with folders, not individual records.

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