MX5 Beta2 v5.0.1.1200 missing many components


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Looks like the developers forgot to include certain modules with this release of Mx5 beta2.

- Mouse Gestures
- Shortcuts  (Ctrl-F, Ctrl-S etc)
- Translation
- Snap
- Night Mode

Translation & Night Mode was missing in Beta 1 also. Beta2 was released after a long wait. But the release is disappointing. To find a certain text in the page, now I have to use the mouse. Quick Access is like dumping a folder of shortcuts into the page without proper title or description. There is no advantage in shifting to Mx5 from Mx4.

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Missing most of the good features of Maxthon 4. I fear that you may have wasted your time and resources in making Maxthon 5. Passkeeper and UUMail are not needed and Infobox is unfathomable in my opinion. Maxthon 4 ( was working fine and the updates just make Maxthon 5 too complicated, why fix something that is not broken? 

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Qik5l, I use portable Maxthon. I do not prefer to install. In fact, I carry the same browser in most places in a USB drive. If you go to Settings-> Gestures & Shortcuts, I find nothing there and there is no provision to create my own. Translation & snap is also a required feature which I cannot locate now and how do I enable them in Addons? Please help.


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