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Weird Border-Radius Bug


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I just found a really weird bug while I was creating a new site, it features a fixed navigation menu, and within this fixed menu, a big div rounded with lots of border-radius.

Below this navigation menu there are some page content, and a facebook page plugin.

The weird part is what happens when that round div pass over that facebook plugin, because it suddenly becomes square again, and if I scroll again and the div isn't "touching" that facebook plugin, then it gets round again.

I tried testing if it wasn't the overflow that was being affected, but it isn't, there's a small part of the image inside that div that is taller than the div, and it's still being cut, the only thing that happens is that the div stops being round and then is round again when it touches/leaves the part where the facebook plugin is.


Really weird, can you point me to a fix so it won't continue to happen?

By the way, it didn't happen on firefox (gecko) based browser, but did happen in Webkit based browsers, so... I don't know what do I do. x. x

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