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Facebook background on Maxthon


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Maxthon is starting to annoy me. I have visual problems (double vision which gets worse with tiredness and optic neuritis) and Maxthon is fabulous with helping me, most specifically with it's 10% zoom in and zoom out features.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook and my Facebook background has changed, but only on Maxthon and not on any other browser. I installed F.B. purity as an extension to my Maxthon browser and I tried the Facebook background changing option, I didn't like the background that I tried so removed it, which was quite straight forward at the time.

The problem I have is that my Facebook background has reverted back to this awful background without any consultation and I find using Facebook sore on my eyes now. I do not know how to remove or change this background, so I use Google Chrome instead as the Facebook background is the standard one on Google Chrome.

I do not want to leave Maxthon as it is a great browser, but this Facebook background problem is driving me to despair  If anyone out there can help me I would be extremely grateful, thank you =)

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