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Sugestion: Change Behaviour of Developer Tools : (colon)

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Hi, actually, this is a problem I found in nearly ALL browsers that use a Chrome-Style developer tools, where you can make temporary changes in HTML and CSS, and as a Web Developer this is VERY helpful to me.

But this problem keeps me ANGRY every time it happens:

There I am, writing some CSS code inside that window, I write a new property, then I hit : (Colon) to write the property value and...!!!
Suddenly the property I just wrote disappears and a annoying "settings" screen pop up over the page code.

I really REALLY hate that behaviour, but I simply can't run from it, it happens on Google Chrome, Opera, Comodo Dragon and yeah, it happens on MX5 too.

I write CSS files all the time, for me it's just obvious: Write property, colon, write value, semicolon.

But then, I go to my browser, inspect some element, try to make some changes in the CSS for a test, I go as I do usually, but then when I hit colon, I have to close that stupid window, write that property again, press ENTER instead of colon and it just makes me very angry every time.

I wonder who in the hell thought that pressing colon in the middle of a css edit would be a good choice of shortcut to developer tools settings. ¬¬

Anyway, please change this, I really don't know WHY DIDN'T ANYONE DIDN'T CHANGE IT BEFORE IN ANY BROWSER!!!

Thanks in Advance!

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