"Site search" does nothing!

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9 hours ago, Pablo1 said:

I click on "site search" button but nothing happens! Just me?

where is "site search" button ? do you refer to the search bar at the  top of infobox, or "find in page" (control + F) ?

both work fine here

or is it here on the forum  : search works fine too, but forum is very slow today


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There are some extensions that are no longer functioning properly. There is also "closing all". But you can do with the gestures. Then go a lot faster than before with the mouse seek the extension. And the site search can be done quickly, if you click on a page and the link indicating the front "*any keyword* site:" and then comes the link of the site. it is a pure handling Thing.


Or you can take the above link and make a bookmarklet. So save the Javasript as bookmarks and call it "search site."

From handling I suppose any link I save and go to rename, then comes the above Java script as Link and the name "Site Search" .

In MX5beta we do have to improvise a little, so I do, because the benefits of the new browser outweigh clearly the error, which has a beta yet.

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