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Where my Mx4 History and LastSession?


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After the Mx5 installation completed the Mx4 Taskbar Icon became the Mx5 loader. So my history and important last session tabs seems to be lost. WTF? Why I can't use Mx4 and Mx5 simultaneously?
How I can import my history and Last Session?

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16 hours ago, joemax said:

Last session is on QA page and history is in the main menu. Recent history is in the drop down of undo button.

I know where these options may be found. The question is - why they are empty? Even no prompt has been appeared to inform me that I can't use Mx4 since this moment and no Session and Hostory import from Mx4 will be done! There are important things! Many people use session restore! I am and my wife use about 30-50 pages related to work process and private interests, because adding-removing of these pages to(from) Favorites is uncomfortable because this list is not constant and has small changes day to day.
On freshly installed Mx5 both Last Session and History are empty! Mx4 history has been not imported into Mx5 just as Last Session. I think it must be two solutions: import user data or allow to start Mx4 when the Mx5 is installed.

After I uninstalled Mx5 the Mx4 came back and became executable again. History and Last session waited me here.

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