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Hola solo hago esto para informar que ya fue liberada la actualización de maxthon y esto es el log de lo que trae.
+ Improve UI of main interface
+ Improve UI of installation and uninstallation interface
+ Add Import Data function in Infobox and Passkeeper
+ Improve the speed of auto–sync data from MX4 into MX5, when users first log in MX5.
+ Add Hide Shortcut Bar Icons option for shortcut bar in Advanced in setting
+ Add support for pasting pictures in text area in Infobox
+ Add right click menu for the index of Infobox
+ Optimize custom webpage font
+ Support multiple language
+ Add proxy turn on/off button near address bar
+ Support off-line message
+ Add manual import function for importing local user data
+ Support right click menu for address bar, when only display main URL in address bar 
+ No limit for the number of tools display in tool bar

Bug fixes:
* Fix some crashes
* Data Import_Favorites data of MX4 have not been imported into MX5
* Data Import_Reverse order issue for importing data in Infobox
* Lock Tab_Display extra close button on locked tab, after refresh
* Status Bar_CPU Usage disabled option cannot work well
* Passkeeper_Optimize UI and fix some bugs
* New Tab Page_Typed keywords still display in search bar, after search
* New Tab Page_Cursor Focus display issues
* Quick Access_Address bar cannot remember searched history typed in quick search bar
* Quick Access_No display default search engine in address bar
* Address Bar_Search engine is hidden by the URL display of address bar
* ABP_Some videos cannot play, when ABP is enabled
* Settings_Cannot delete extensions in Functions & Addons
* Settings_No Settings Saved notification, when changed options of Microphone and Camera
* Tab Bar_Cannot continuing close tabs
* Snap_Cannot use snap function in Retro Mode
* Shortcuts_Open the note in wrong place, when click a note
* Infobox_Pictures appear in wrong place, after insert pictures successfully
* Infobox_Open the URL wrongly in tab, when select an URL in text area and select Go To XXX option in right click menu
* Address Bar_Default texts overlap, when select some contents in address bar
* Extension_Open wrong page, when click Extension Manager on side bar
* Shortcut Key_Cannot lock browser in Full-screen Mode



Vamos a ver que tal.

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1 minute ago, ozkar8 said:

Yo tengo el beta que liberaron y en un momento tenia como 10 ventanas y se me empezaron a colgarse

Bastante raro yo tenia 4 ventanas se actualizo me pidió reinicio, se reinicio y abrí mi cuenta de nuevo y las ventanas desaparecieron colocando la que viene por default y sin problemas

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