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Experience with Mx 5

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Overall, my experience with maxthon 5 is pretty nice. You bring back some nice features but take away some others.

1/ The split screen feature. It was great on maxthon 4.4 back then. In the older version you can split the screen, move the tab from one side to the other and vice versa. However, on version 5, the only thing you can do is to split the screen, cannot move tabs between both sides. I hope it just a glitch that will be fixed in the next update or in the final release version.

2/ The zoom in and out feature. On 4.4 it worked fine just single tab. But since the 4.5 upward, I didn't want to use the zoom feature much. When I open several tabs from one website (e.g. Facebook), then I use zoom in and out feature in one tab, the other tabs also been affected, hence I have to zoom in or out again. That annoys me so much. 

3/ The favorite bar, on the previous version, you allowed user to update site icon but on the 5 you removed that. I think this is a really good feature that need to be kept.

4/ The address bar, It's nice when you put the address bar in the top-middle, however you should have a feature for user to choose either to shorten the link or to reveal the full link

5/ The pass-keeper (replace magic fill), instead of just sync the closest version of password, the pass-keeper seems to sync all the password from the earlier version and even from other source within my computer (e.g. It sync some passwords from Chrome browser)

6/ You might ask why I use Mx 5 but still have the Chrome, it is mainly because the new Mx version seems to not compatible with all the website (e.g. Facebook, I cannot use the upload picture or video feature of Facebook, I have to drag the file in). I know this just the beta version but previously the browser was actually compatible with all the sites.

Keep up the good work. I hope to see improvements soon.

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Hi applader,

Thank you for your supporting and feedback.

1,This is comfirmed as a bug, we'll fix it asap. and just fyi, when there is tab in the right screen, then you can drag tabs between left and right screen.

2, I've sent this to our product team to fix, thx again for reporting. ;)

3&4&5, there have been other people in this forum suggested that, really thx for your suggestions. Our team is considering to bring them back/fix them.

Thanks again applader, keep becoming better with us, love yo.

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