Maxthon 5 messing with default browser

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I'm using maxthon with Windows 10.

I've set Maxthon 4 as my default browser using the default programs desktop app of Windows 10.
As soon as I start Maxthon 5 it comes up with an user account control message asking me if I want to allow Maxthon 5 to make changes to my computer.
If I click yes, a Windows 10 notifications shows up telling me that there was an issue with the default browser and it gets reset to edge.
When I click no, nothing happens and Maxthon 5 works as expected.

I'm guessing Maxthon 5 is trying to set itself as default, but does it in a way that doesn't work so Windows 10 changes it back to Edge.
It seems to do it every time it gets started and there's no question if I actually want it as default.

Please change this behaviour.

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